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Wood Flooring

Best Wood Flooring in Oklahoma City



Wood flooring ↓

wood-floors-mainWood Floors

Hardwood floors are simple, they’re long lasting and offer a variety of looks just within a single wood species. Hardwoods have a range of colors from very light to dark and anything you can think of in between.

Each piece is unique in texture and grain, and has the ability to change appearance depending on the finish or stains applied to it making hardwood floors exactly how you want them. Aside from appearance there are two main constructions of hardwood floors, solid or engineered.

Solid floors are a single piece of wood creating your floor plank, while engineered floors are made from several layers of wood creating a more durable floor that is more resistant to the humidity and warping in a solid plank.

Check Out These Awesome Wood Floor Samples:

Click through the images below to see how these amazing wood floors will look in your home.